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When it comes to Brampton’s sump pump repair and installation service, you can surely count on PlumberBramptonPro. Our professional plumbing team has over seven years of experience working with the latest technology available for fixing any drainage line issues. Our top priority is immediately getting your property back to normal conditions following a major storm or flooding event.

If you are looking for fast service from experienced technicians who care about focusing their expertise on both your immediate requirements as well as offering long-term solutions, so you don’t have to worry about future issues. Call us today, and get a free quote based on your geographic location. 

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Sump pump repair Brampton

The sump pump is a system that has been designed to remove water from the basement of homes and buildings. When it is a lot of melting snow or heavy rainstorms, the ground becomes saturated, and therefore any excess water will seep into your foundation walls and can cause severe damage, and flooding issues if not drained. A flooded basement can lead to standing water, enormous expenses, and even health issues. 

At PlumberBramptonPro, we offer a full range of sump pump repair services at affordable prices, which is why more and more Brampton property owners and commercial customers rely on us for their sump pump needs.

Besides offering sump pump installation and replacement services, we provide drain repair, leak detection and other plumbing repairs that you may need to maintain your water system in tip-top shape.

What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a vital part of modern plumbing. As the name suggests, it pumps water from the pit or area where it is installed.

Sump pumps come in various sizes, shapes, but all work on the same principle: a float mechanism that detects when the water level is high enough to cause damage.

There are various types of sump pumps, but usually, experienced plumbers place them into two main categories, submersible pump and pedestal sump pump. The pedestal pump doesn’t completely dry out the basement but has a longer lifetime than the submersible. A submersible sump pump completely dries out the basement and usually has a short lifetime, but it also provides greater efficiency. The pump and motor usually have a lifespan of approximately 15 years. When this switch is activated, it will initiate a motor that can either be powered by electricity or batteries.

PlumberBarriePro offers sump pump maintenance services, which will protect your residential or commercial properties from basement flooding and water damage. Sump pump issues may lead to structural damage and mould formation. 

One of the most critical plumbing projects that our emergency plumbers undertake annually is servicing these sump pumps to work efficiently throughout their entire lifetimes. 

How do sump pumps work?

The sump pump system consists of a sump pit or box, the pump and the float switch. In some cases, one might have multiple pumps which can be controlled by a single float switch.

In order for the system to work properly, there must be enough room around the sump pump, and the filter, so the chamber itself must not be blocked in any way. Sump pumps work to remove the water that has accumulated from heavy rainfalls, snowmelt and other sources where there is a high risk of flooding around the foundation wall of the building.

When the sump pump detects a high water level, it will start pumping out whatever amount it can until all the water is removed. 

Reasons why you might need our expertise

Sump pumps have become an integral part of modern-day building design because they help prevent severe damage to your Brampton home or business by keeping rising water levels away from crucial rooms such as basements. It’s all too common for old pumps to fail with dangerous results for homeowners’ health and possessions alike. Even worse, in cases where the exterior of your home or building is attacked by rising waters, flood damage can be extensive if a working sump pump is not installed.

The importance of installing a well-maintained sump pit cannot be overstated, especially following significant rainfall events which cause water levels to rise rapidly. It would be best if you considered contacting a professional Brampton plumber who has experience with sump pump installation and repair so they can inspect your plumbing system for potential safety hazards. 

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